The founding testimony that reconfirmed our mission

Víctor Chino fue nuestro primer paciente Hospice. Tenía 28 años cVictor Chino was our first Hospice patient. He was 28 years old when he arrived in Merlo, province of Buenos Aires, from Bolivia. He came to Argentina with his mother Isabel in search of treatment for his advanced cancer.

The cancer treatment lasted several months until it came to an end. The palliative care team at Hospital de Moreno contacted us to give Victor telephone calls to offer him support. In June 2020 Damián Palazzo, AMAH volunteer, began to accompany Víctor and his mother Isabel through this painful process. Thanks to our volunteering program every need that aroused was successfully catered for.

We care as we would like to be cared for

As the bond with Víctor and his mother Isabel grew, we were able to visit them. We got to know the needs of the spirit and the soul more closely. Reconciliation with God and the desire to return to his country to reunite with his little son and family were some of his desires.

In just a few days, God answered the prayers: the tickets to travel to his country were sent for both. October 21, 2020, was the day to return home.

Later that week, we took Victor and Isabel to the airport. Suddenly, we were informed that the flight had been cancelled and unfortunately, they could no longer return to the little house they were staying at. Without hesitation we decided to host them in the house of a voluntary couple.

Hospice as care and home for the needy

And so, our first guest had arrived unexpectedly. The Hospice became a real home for Victor and Isabel.

The following night it was pouring with rain. We had to take Víctor to the Hospital to drain the fluid accumulated in his abdomen (a common problem at this stage of the disease). The pandemic had turned the Hospital into a very restricted place. The prospects were uncertain and waiting in the Emergency room was going to be very long. We decided to put the team of volunteers to pray to ask God for help. The answer came and Victor was attended quickly.

The next morning, we returned to the airport. After solving some problems involving paperwork, Víctor was allowed and able to board the flight accompanied by an assistant who would transfer him to the plane on a wheelchair.

We should all have the possibility of living well until the end of our lives

Victor was finally strong enough to make the right choices. He had decided to reconcile with God and with his family. He resolved to spend his last days with those closest to him.

With a hug and a heart filled with emotions we said goodbye to Víctor and Isabel having fulfilled the task of every AMAH volunteer: to love and serve those in need.

On May 26, Víctor passed away; reconciled with himself, God and surrounded by the love of his family.


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Loving and serving others transforms you

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