The house project

We plan to build a type of Hospice that has not been seen until now: a Hospice Huerta, which combines palliative care with horticulture as a proven therapy.

Cultivating plants, putting your hands on the ground, admiring the beauty of life that grows and develops in its various cycles, enjoying the scent of flowers, everything is a priceless gift for the soul. It also has benefits:

  • Improves mood
  • Provides well-being
  • Positively influences the mental, emotional and physical

Prune the plants, clean the weeds, or water. Spend some time outdoors. We are sure that all this will bring the guest's soul closer to God and will take him away from his state of suffering and confinement.

There are currently 11 Hospices in Argentina, each with approximately a capacity for 10 to 16 patients. In our country less than 10% of seriously ill and dying patients have access to palliative care.

This project aims to increase the critically deficient capacity of the Argentine palliative care system and introduce therapeutic activities that add to the general well-being of guests.


400 m2 with 6 rooms that can accommodate up to 6 patients simultaneously. The home where our guests receive the selfless love of our team.


15 m2. close to the house. A place of silence, stillness, and reflection, where everybody can reach out to God and receive what He has prepared.


30 m2, specially designed for art and crafts. A workshop where our guests can improve their mental health and emotional well-being, through different artistic expressions.


40 m2 , where our guests can learn to carry out small projects and volunteers can make furniture and crafts to eventually sell and serve as a livelihood for the Hospice.


Integrated into the house, where our guests will enjoy the proven benefits for the body and mind of contact with nature. Admire the beauty of life that grows and develops in its various cycles, enjoy the aroma of flowers, and put their hands in the ground, a priceless gift for the soul. The garden will be designed with paths for easy circulation and equipped with benches for resting.


60 m2 multipurpose facility that includes a coffee corner, library and reading area. It will be a space for reflection, meeting and enjoyment of the small but great things in life.

You can be part of this project as an architect, horticulturist, landscaper, carpenter, etc. Just write to us!