AMAH is a non-profit organization where every team member who volunteers is actively involved, each making use of their skills and capabilities.

Our goal is to build our own hospice-house in Buenos Aires to enhance and further develop the support we are already offering.

Building our own hospice will enable us to lodge and house patients who are going through progressive and irreversible oncological diseases, where a treatment is no longer possible, and provide palliative end of life care free of charge, especially to those coming from low-income backgrounds and little to no family.

Love is our driving force. In this way, we aim at providing competent and compassionate palliative care.

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We believe that everyone has a part to play. Join the team!

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Your financial help is essential to help those who need it most.


Person-centred compassionate care to help relieve pain.

Are you a Physician, Psychologist, Nurse, Accountant, Lawyer, Architect, Landscaper, Horticulturist, Community Manager or Designer? You can be part of the Hospice Huerta AMAH.